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TEL: 0721 762855   0733 969165 EMAIL: :sales@matbronze.com Matbronze is a fine art foundry using the “lost wax” process, also known as “Cire Perdue”, “Precision” or “investment” casting. All our sculptures are cast in bronze, which is a warm metal, with a history dating back to the Bronze Age. Our Bronze wildlife sculptures are made from a variety of mediums, the most favoured one being plastacine or clay for the original master model, this allows Denis (the sculptor) almost total freedom of design and creativity in his art. A rubber mould is made from the finished plastacine piece and this is used to get the waxes. The model and cup are covered in a thermal shock resistant ceramic called “Molochite”, this is the investment process. Eight coats of this are applied, one a day, building up a thickness of about ½ inch. After ten days the molochite will have fully hardened and the wax will be melted out to leave a hollow mould. (Hence the word “lost wax”). The mould is then baked in a kiln, after which the molten bronze is poured into the ceramic mould. When the bronze has set and cooled, the ceramic is broken away, giving a bronze replica of the wax model. The bronze is now “chased” using hammers and tools to enhance the patterns which conform to the artist’s original model. This is known as the art of “chasing”, which is used extensively in bronze sculpture. The bronze then goes through the patination stage, “Patina” refers to the colour oxidization of metal. Sections of the bronzes are given a highly polished finish, which together with the patina adds depth to the work of art. The combination of strength, ductility and its ability to accept so many patinas puts bronze in a class of its own.
November 13, 2017
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